July 30: Beliefs Have Consequences

Dr. Lola WilliamsonOften people worry about whether a belief is true or false. What if we stopped worrying about metaphysical truth and instead turned our attention to what kind of effect a belief has on a person or on society? This is how the preeminent American philosopher, William James, thought about it: belief as pragmatic. Our own Dr. Lola Williamson, an Emeritus Associate Professor of Religous Studies, will lead us in trying James’s idea on for size!


Aug 6: Living with a Disability

Our theme for August is Resilience, and one of the best people to talk with us about that is our own Carolyn Kothmayer. If you're not sure why, then you absolutely must be with us on August 6th to hear Carolyn's remarkable and inspiring personal story.


August 13: Rev. Melissa

Rev. Melissa MummertOur theme for August is "Resilience," so it's fitting that Rev. Melissa Mummert speaks to us about addictions of various kinds. 




August 20: Hymn Sing!

It's been far too long since we've had one of our old-fashioned hymn sings! So that's what we'll do on August 20. Join us to sing and listen to favorite songs of the faith. Maybe we'll learn some new ones!


August 27: Water Communion

water communion chaliceThe end of August is our traditional time to observe Water Communion. In this annual ceremony, everyone who wishes to participate brings some water representing an important event or memory (perhaps from a summer vacation spot?). Then we each share our stories and blend the water with everyone else’s -- including water from many past services.


Change the World

change the worldsipes orchard

Social Concerns/Social Justice Committee’s JULY AND AUGUST project to “CHANGE the World” will benefit Sipes Orchard Home’s Transitional Living Center, a local non-profit which provides a supportive, residential program for 17-21 year olds to help them get the financial, academic, emotional and behavioral skills necessary for independent living. You can leave your spare change (or larger donation) in our CHANGE jar in the front foyer.


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